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Taizé Worship Services at MPC

Taizé candles and icon

MPC has Taizé worship services two times during the course of its regular church year from May to September All are welcomed to attend this ecumenical service.

The services this year are scheduled for:

  • Sunday, November 4 at 5:30 pm
  • Sunday, February 24 at 5:30 pm

Named after a small village in eastern France, Taizé was founded during the Second World War by Brother Roger, a Swiss Protestant theologian, with a group of monks that included Lutheran, Anglican, Evangelical, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox members. The Taizé community was active in the Resistance during World War II, and helped shelter Jews. Its larger purpose was to promote reconciliation and peace among Christian denominations and to reach out to youth, as well as adults, all around the world.

These are beautiful worship services that include simple chants, scripture reading, prayer, candlelight, and silence. A Taizé service is a contemplative approach to the religious experience in which one can worship in a deeply spiritual manner.

We sing songs asking forgiveness, songs of praise, and songs of God’s love for us. And as we repeat the simple easy words, the songs become our prayer to God. We listen to scripture read and pray silently with a word or phrase or image that God’s word gave us during the reading. We sit in silent reflection and prayer as one of the simple songs repeats in our mind’s ear.

Taize service - cross and candles

These are beautiful, worshipful services. Some people have suggested that one can feel Christ’s presence at these services. And some have told suggested that as they leave the service in silence they experience a peace that seems to surpass all understanding.

Please, plan to join us at our next Taizé service. All are welcomed, and all are welcomed to come as you are.

For more information, call the church office at 1–(215)–295–4191.